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Like everyone else i have a few websites, and badly needed customers and traffic. I had a site called touch of wine, an affiliate site to be exact , i had it for over 1 year and it just wasn’t doing a thing. I then went online and searched high and low for a monthly seo company which was affordable. i found a company called monthly seo packages.

My experience- From start to finish this company done everything, i mean everything. They started with keyword research, then they sent me a strategy for my site and it only cost me 300 dollars. I was on the plan for 4 months to be exact and the site hit page 2 of google …remember it was nowhere. Sadly i lost my domain, i logged into my namecheap account one day and i forgot to pay for it and ahhhhh i lost it. Although i had a good experience with this seo company, i will never forget to check when domains expire ever again. My biggest mistake ever.

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